Web Design

  • speak to your audience
    right from the start

    Your website design should attract visitors, get high search rankings, and not only function, but funnel customers to the precise pages you want them to read. Our approach begins with an analysis of your customers’ behavior and motivations. We define the goals of each customer segment and merge this information with your business requirements to create a strategy that satisfies both. This perspective enables us to provide relevant content and a rewarding interactive experience that captures and holds your audience’s attention. And just as important, we develop the site upon flexible technology and advanced analytics that will allow you to adjust your site at any time in response to the changing market and desires of your customers.

  • vision and experience
    to design & develop astounding websites

    At Prologic, we have an unparalleled team of the finest visual artists and motion graphics designers around. The Prologic Team boasts an extensive background in programming languages such as HTML, CSS, XHTML, and DHTML. Pushing the boundaries of design and technology, our design & development team creates innovative solutions that will set you apart from your competition.

    For companies that are looking to employ advanced flash, e-commerce and application technologies within their website, we offer the entire range of website development services. In each case, we deliver expertise far beyond what you’ll find elsewhere.

  • your website is
    your introduction to the world

    That is why Prologic dedicates itself to the development of websites speak volumes in an instant, plays well with major search engines, and broadcasts your brand on the web. Our exceptional design & development team translates your message into the visual language of color, typography and imagery essential to building sites that promote, enhance, captivate and engage.

    We design the most stunning websites you’ll find. But the true beauty of each site we develop is the copious amount of thought and strategy that goes into it from day one.

websites developed for your industry
Prologic designs and develops websites sites that will ensure yours is the best-in-class for your industry:

web design of corporate and major enterprise sites

Corporate and Major Enterprise Websites

We develop websites for corporations of any size, with remarkable designs and advanced backend solutions capable of running your whole company.

custom development of social and community sites

Social Networking and Community Websites

Let users spread your company message themselves. Build your brand and community by incorporating interactive forums and features.

industry specific website development

More Industry Websites

Banking and Credit Union, Education, Automotive, and others.

web development for mobile phones

Mobile Phone Websites

The next frontier for your business is mobile, allowing your customers and employees to access key information and features anywhere they go.

à la carte features

Looking to add a few à la carte features that add functionality and make your web site stand out?

At Prologic, our commitment to delivering exceptional design solutions for our clients is of paramount importance. Our proven methodologies, relentless motivation to excel, and highly talented team come together to deliver revolutionary concepts that effectively raise the bar for design around the web.
Web Design is our passion, our expression, and our means to communicate your vision.

Our skilled application website developers have extensive experience designing and programming these essential site extras:

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  •  Newsletter

  •  online forms

  •  calculators