put your brand in your customers' hands
with mobile web design & development

You can't control where people are when they use the web, but you can control how your website will look. Prologic make your site look great on the small screen, givingyour customers instant access to the information you want them to have, whether they're travelling, standing in line, or waiting for an appointment. We also build full mobile applications, allowing you to empower your users and strengthen your brand.

  • these days
    are a moving target

    There are over 4 billion mobile device users worldwide, and that number is only expected to climb exponentially. Next-generation iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, WP7 and webOS smartphones are surfing in record numbers and becoming mobile internet addicts. Prologic wants to put your business in front of every one of them with responsive mobile web design, development and marketing. We do a whole lot more than a ‘lite’ version of your current website; we know exactly how to develop a compelling mobile web experience that helps you find local customers, bring in new clients and keep up with their on-the-go lifestyles. Smart businesses know that customer loyalty is always a moving target, but custom mobile web design & development from Prologic makes you a sharpshooter.

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    how do you design
    a phone-friendly
    mobile web site?

    Mobile phone technology has come a long way. High-speed data connections (Wi-Fi, 3G and 4G), robust web browsers and full-screen displays have made surfing the web on the go much more appealing than before. But mobile devices have different interfaces than desktops, and users have different expectations when browsing the web from a mobile phone. To design a mobile-friendly website, Prologic follows W3C mobile web design & development guidelines that ensure your site can be viewed optimally on the widest range of mobile handsets. We then help you find where your mobile customers are and develop a mobile-centric marketing strategy to get your mobile site indexed and producing additional revenue.

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    You can take it
    with you.

    There are a thousand mobile phone users added every minute, and that’s a growing audience Prologic can help you attain. Mobile websites and effective mobile marketing strategies allow you to broaden the scope of your audience and provide them content however they want to view it. Having a W3C standards-compliant mobile website from Prologic offers customers the most pertinent information, including your contact information, recent news, local listings, offers and promotions. Prologic is passionate about mobile website design & development because it results in users clicking to call you directly from the phone and getting the info they need onscreen, right away. A mobile version of your blog means your customers can stay up-to-date on your content, anytime, anywhere, as well as increase traffic to your current website.

Yes, your mobile app can do that.

Custom mobile application development for astounding results.

With over 4 billion mobile device users around the world, your place on your customers’ phones should be your top priority. Prologic develops gorgeous and addictive mobile apps with limitless potential for every major platform, including the iPhone. Why go mobile? Mobile application development can serve a number of purposes, from bringing your current services to handheld devices, or creating buzz about your brand with a useful tool that leads users back for additional services. At Prologic, our goal isn’t just to make a great app; it’s to make a great app that catapults your company way out in front of your industry.

What will your app do? With Prologic behind you, the answer is pretty much anything. Prologic delivers mobile application development for all major platforms and devices, including BlackBerry, iPhone, Windows Mobile, Palm webOS, Google’s Android and Nokia’s Symbian OS

sleek and fast

Mobile phones render pages slower but users won’t wait; this means responsive mobile web design has to be quick to load and simple to navigate


Entering text is difficult, so mobile users want ready options to choose from.


The most important information is always at the top because mobile users rarely scroll down very far.

one for all

Supporting mobile devices means designing with various form-factors in mind, including different screen sizes.